ember and spark series

Lady Teine, the Firekeeper, rules with the power of a magical gem. The Firestone creates illusions and bestows the ability to shape-shift, but possesses dark secrets. The Lady’s daughters, Elua and Ona, are pitted against one another in a series of grim tests. The victor will become the next Firekeeper. The loser will be banished with the Emberstone, which will destroy her by feeding off her true self.
A third girl, Yanne, living in a village, knows the ancient tales of dragons and fireflowers. When she finds these flickering blooms in a hidden valley, she is propelled into a dangerous quest, with only a beast for a companion.
Through pursuit, charges of witchcraft, trickery, and deceit, Yanne pursues her quest. Her life hangs in the balance as she struggles to wrest power from its evil purposes, returning the land to a state of wild magic. Will Yanne’s efforts save her people, or precipitate a descent back into the Dragon Days, when all were at war, and all was smoke and ruin?