Fallen Innocence

I am so pleased to update you on the progress of my next book “Fallen Innocence”.  It will be the first book in the next Trilogy “Rocherac’s Bloodline“. You will find out my current blurb along with a list of tropes and genre expectations. 

What to expect from Fallen Innocence:


–  more epic fantasy setting

– jigsaw puzzle plot

– intriguing side character

 -strong romance side-plot

-fae, demon


Adult Epic Fantasy Romance

Tropes Included so Far:

– Secret Heir to the Throne

– Antagonist-Turned-Ally 


Library Full of Secret Knowledge


Dig a little deeper!

Fallen Innocence: Blurb

Revelations of my Fey lineage came at a price. I was being hunted by Hanzo and his violent gang and, as I soon discover, far worse creatures beyond the realm of Ningen.

Tabitha whisked me off to the outskirts of Ningen, to the royal kingdom of Icen, for protection within the fairy tale castle walls of the mysterious Contessa Tanaka. But I’m not the only thing being kept secret there.

A mystical mask, The Mask of Fey, plunges me into the enchanted Fey realm of Yōsei, where I meet a feisty Fey called Ciri. She tells me that my whole life was a lie, the world I live in is coming to an end and that my true destiny lies elsewhere.

That’s when all the apocalyptic visions haunted me.

An invasion of otherworldly creatures

A bloody battlefield

Loss and suffering on Ningen…

Suddenly, I felt so isolated and alone. I longed for my old life back. Death threats from Hanzo don’t seem so bad after all.

Mostly I missed Benedetto and needed him close. He was the only person I could trust, but even he had secrets to reveal…

Do you want to pre-order? Stay tuned.